What We Do

Our Vision....

As per Age UK research report on diversity, there are possible feelings of isolation within black and minority ethnic groups. Thus, integrating and interacting with other elderly Citizens from a diverse cultural background could result in a healthier life style.

Our Goals...

We aim to work with senior citizens and help them live a healthy lifestyle.

We encourage active and positive contributions to the community.

We aim to fight common stereotypes and age discrimination against the senior members of society.

We identify and address common issues that affect senior citizens such as feeling lonely and isolated.

We befriend the seniors but also offer them opportunities to meet new friends and engage in a variety of activities indoors and outdoors in the community.

Our services and activities...

Senior Support Group offers a variety of free services including:

  • Healthy cooking and nutritional workshops at local community centre with practical demonstrations,
  • Light dancing,
  • Sporting sessions and visits to different heritage sites and place of interest,
  • Free coffee and tea morning sessions in a friendly and easily accessible venue,
  • Information advice and support accessing service,
  • Training to update the seniors on issues that might affect them,
  • Provide a forum for the seniors to socialise, interact and discuss issues of concern with members ,
  • Access to language(ESOL, conversation classes) and Computer lessons...


  • Healthy cooking demonstration
  • Light dancing
  • Bowling sessions
  • Visits to sites of interest
  • Taking blood pressure
  • Testing for Diabetes & cholesterol
  • Access the internet with interact fun
  • Many other community base activities.

Volunteering with us...

Whether you want to do something rewarding in the week or gain valuable work experience, we can give you the opportunity to do so. Volunteering with us can offer you a ‘taster’ in working with senior members of the community or to help others in a similar situation which you have experienced.  We are always interested in hearing from people who wish to give some of their time to contribute to our work. Our volunteers are supported through training to become aware of the skills they have developed along with helping them to find sustainable employment.
Volunteering with us can offer you a friendly environment to work in, transferable skills, support and reference.
Current project
Healthy Heart Active Mind

This exciting new project looks at promoting the health and well-being of senior members of the community (65years+) living in some of the most deprived wards of Nottingham city. The project recruited a Sessional worker and trained 4 volunteers from the local communities to undertake and facilitate healthy lifestyle outreach support and activities. The project provided 3 days care training to 4 volunteers including modules in nutrition, dementia, care planning and health & safety awareness. It undertook regular weekly outreach sessions visiting senior community members and providing befriending, blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol tests and cooking on a budget advice and information.

Well being promotion
This project looked at promoting the healthy well-being of senior members of the community through sporting activities and dance. We organised walks and dancing sessions to keep our service users active, but also to give them the opportunity to meet new people and make friends.

Cooking for Health
Through this project we delivered 5 week cooking for Health sessions - cooking from scratchaffordable healthy meals to take home to share with family and friends, healthy eating information, expert nutritional advice and cooking skills. All recipes were plant-based to reduce the risk of dietary related diseases and foster sustainable healthy eating habits.